Monday, May 25, 2020


What is Calvary Bible Training?

Calvary Bible Training (CBT) is designed to "equip the saints for the work of ministry." (Ephesians 4:12). We believe that it is the mission of the Church not only to lead the lost to salvation, which is, of course, crucial, but to train up the Bride of Christ to do the work that God has called them to.

Many in the Church, especially those in impoverished nations, do not have the opportunity to receive biblical training of any kind. The vision of CBT is to equip these saints for ministry. This program is especially designed for leaders, but can apply to any in the Church that desire to know the Lord better and grow to spiritual maturity.

     The information taught in CBT is very fundamental. Many of the topics are familiar and rudimentary for the average American Christian, but the goal of CBT is to develop leaders, not scholars. We plan to teach these men the important, profound truths of the Christian faith without going into convoluted theological arguments or wasting time on issues that are not essential to a Christian’s life. We also teach the students how to study the Bible for themselves and how to seek the Lord, giving them the tools to dive deeper on their own rather than overloading their minds all at a once.

            The materials themselves include:

                        -Foundations for Ministry

                                   An overview of the teachings of CBT, covering Bible and
                                   doctrine surveys as well as personal growth, focusing on the
                                   necessity of the power of the Spirit in a Christian's life.

                        -Old Testament Survey

                                    A book-by-book study of the entire Old Testament, covering
                                    key thoughts and backgrounds of each book.

                        -Doctrine Survey

                                    An overview of doctrines essential to the Christian faith, using
                                    Scripture to draw conclusions.

                        -New Testament Survey

                                    A book-by-book study of the entire New Testament, covering
                                    key thoughts and backgrounds of each book.

                        -Inductive Bible Study

                                    A class on how to take a passage of Scripture and study it,
                                    gleaning theological truth and practical application for the
                                    body of Christ.

                        -Personal Growth

                                    A look at how a true believer should live, especially as
                                    pertaining to a pastor or leader of a fellowship of Christians.

            Just as Paul instructed Timothy, we are taking the faithful teachings that we have received to those that would never otherwise be able to study any farther, encouraging them to multiply themselves, producing exponential growth of trained, effective ministers of the Gospel. (2 Timothy 2:2)